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Big SWHD Week ahead

We are looking forward to a big week ahead, hoping for certainty from Eskom on their SWH program. This will hopefully be announced on Wednesday at the presentation. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you are not going to be at the meeting at Midrand. Irv will be updating the information as it is presented.

SESSA Input to date - Latest meetings were held on Friday 29th July 2011

On 29th July, Irv, Carel, Louis and Theo met with Raj and Theresa. The feedback from this meeting was that SESSA remains an integral partner to Eskom in the SWH program, and is requesting more input from SESSA into the program. There was positive input from both sides, and SESSA requested certainty and long term commitment as the most important criteria for the success of the program into the future.

On 29th July, Greencape and SESSA local manufacturers had a teleconference with Andrew Etzinger regarding local manufacturers - this specifically informed Andrew of the capacity of local companies, their current levels of activity, and the impact the changes on the program have had on their businesses to date. The feedback was that the concerns were heard and well received. It remains for Eskom to put solid plans in place and communicate them to SESSA and Greencape.

"Hi Andrew. Thank you for meeting with the local swh manufacturers of the greater Cape Town area this afternoon. I trust that you have heard and understood their concerns and that these concerns will be taken into consideration in the revision of the rebate system."
How to add your input - Keep up to date on the day following our Twitter feeds and posting comments on Facebook  before, during and after the workshop to make your voice heard!
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The workshop is for registered suppliers, distributors and installers only, but the information will be shared with all interested parties.


When: 3 August 2011
Time: 7:30am for 8:00am
Where: John Maree Auditorium, Dale Road, Midrand

Please see a map to the venue at the following link: http://www.sessa.org.za/resources/open-access/events/item/eskom-swh-workshop (you may find the "Get Directions" button under the map handy too)


Cautiously Optimistic News from Eskom

2 June 2011

Please see some cautiously optimistic news from Andrew Etzinger of Eskom about the rebate scheme:

Dear SWH industry participant,

The SWH rebate programme has been very successful, to the extent that more than 100,000 systems have been installed through the programme over the past 12 months alone. The obvious result of an acceleration in installations is a quicker depletion of the available funds. Over the last four months we have carefully tracked and provided regular information concerning the remaining amount of funds for the SWH programme. The fund depletion has lead to understandable uncertainty by suppliers.

At the same time, efforts have been underway to secure additional funding for the programme. I am now cautiously optimistic that additional funding will be secured, but I will only be able to confirm this by the end of June, at which time we will provide you with appropriate information.

Please hang in there. Things are looking up.

All the best,
Andrew Etzinger

Irvan Damon