Why Solar? Because SolarworX

Types of Geysers:

Alternate Energy Ready

Heat Pump


Solar Geyser Maintenence


In order to assist you as quickly as possible, please note the following options:

  1. Was the geyser fitted by Solarworx? If so, which geyser or system make?
  2. If the geyser was fitted by someone else some time ago and you need emergency assistance/advice please click here, or call our office on 082 411 5412
  3. If WE Solartherm Geyser, then call WE 24 hour emergency hotline on 086-062-6160
  4. Or if you are looking for advice on fitting a replacement solar geyser or heat pump and would like to talk to somebody or contact us please click here.


if you are just wondering whether this is the right time to change…….

The answer is NOW

This is the IDEAL time to change your burst electricity guzzling geyser to a solar ready geyser or heat pump. Have a look at the

Alternate Energy Ready

SolarworX only fits WE Solartherm Geysers, which are Solar Ready. This means that the have additional inlet and outlets to allow for connection to either solar panels or heat pumps at a later stage, should you not be ready to install the alternative solution right away.

Heat Pump

Heat Pumps actually deliver hot water at a certain rate directly to the make use of a Hot Water Storage vessel that stores the hot water for when it is required.