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Understanding alternative energy

Understanding alternative energy is made more relevant and accessible through exploring why it is needed. Once it is understood you can readily implement alternative energy in your home without any negative effect on your daily life and still feel the rewards of savings and the knowledge that you are doing your share to help the planet survive and regenerate. Alternative energy is not only intended for domestic use but also for industrial application.

The wind does not blow constantly and the sun does not shine at night, but technology has advanced to such an extent that that these energies can be stored and used at a later stage. Understanding alternative energy will equip you with the means to adapt.

If you are wondering whether this is the right time to change…….

The answer is NOW

Why alternative energy?

Africa as a continent derives almost 3 quarters of it's electricity from coal burning power stations. Hydro Power represents about 20% of energy production, while solar and wind power are not considered as contributors to the continents electricity needs. However installing an alternative energy source will contribute to decreasing coal energy dependency.

Very few people in the civilised world have not heard of global warming and it's devastating effects.
The world's population is growing at an ever increasing rate, meaning there are more mouths to feed, more homes to be built and in order to maintain a standard of living, the quantity of basic amenities needs to increase. In order to do this production has to step up and as a result energy consumption will increase which in turn place a strain on natural resources and adds to greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases are the result of burning fossil fuels for energy, the atmosphere fills with carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide, which prevent the suns heat from escaping the atmosphere resulting in an increase in the earths temperature.

Fossil fuels like coal and all of it's by products will eventually become depleted, and other natural resources will become increasingly scarce as they get used up faster than the earth is able to replenish them.

Advantages of installing an alternative energy source in your home:

  • Cost - Although the initial outlay may be a bit expensive, the savings are immediate
  • Non-polluting / Less pollution - Certain alternayive energy sources deliver no pollution while in others the pollution is minimised.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Alternative energy sources are mostly renewable.
  • Most alternative resources are also predictable, i.e Sunrise and sunset happen on a regular cycle.
  • Reduced dependance on foreign energy.