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Solar Rebates: SESSA Advises 3-Step Rescue Plan

Uncertainty around the administration of the solar rebate programme continues to dog solar water heating installers. SESSA's attempts at receiving clear guidelines from the Department of Energy (DoE) for its members have been unsuccessful. The SESSA Office has fielded over 120 queries to date about claims not being processed, as well as the status of the 5 000 unit cap as outlined in the DoE's media release of 4 February and subsequent clarification note of 6 February. This is putting SMME installers at extreme and unprecedented risk, leaving them in the dark as to how to price their systems and services.

"We are all trying to make a difference to climate change and keep the lights on in South Africa and it would seem as though all possible is being done to make sure we don’t succeed." - System Installer

In order to arrest the unfolding industry turmoil, SESSA advises that the following 3 steps be implemented with utmost urgency:

  1. The DoE gives the necessary assurances to the rebate administrators so that processing of claims can resume
  2. The DoE responds to requests for a meeting of implementation stakeholders aimed at ensuring continuity and dispelling all uncertainty during the transitional phase of the programme
  3. A process is implemented whereby the rebate administrators publish a bi-weekly dashboard of rebate claims in relation to the 5 000 system cap

SESSA reaffirms its willingness to work and constructively engage with all implementation stakeholders to ensure that the transitional phase of the programme is carried out with as little pain to the industry and consumers as possible.


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