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Initiatives to change to Solar geysers

In spite of various initiatives by Eskom to minimise electricity consumption, 49m being the latest example, electricity price hikes are still very much in play.

Alternative energy sources are the only way to minimise the cost of electricity usage if the consumption can not be reduced any further. By looking at alternatives for high electricity consumption items and implementing them in your household significant cost reductions should be felt almost immediately.

Because household items which generate heat are usually the culprits when it comes to running up your electricity bill, generating sufficient hot water from an electric geyser for a family will add hugely to this, solar geysers have become a popular recourse. Through making use of the constantly renewable energy of the sun the cost of heating water can be removed from your final Eskom bill.

SolarWorx install only W.E. Solartherm geysers which are SABS approved and endorsed by the Sustainable Energy Society. W.E. Solartherm geysers carry a 10 year guarantee, provided the geyser is installed in accordance with S.A.N.S standards.

Not only will you be saving on electricity costs, but you will be reducing you carbon footprint substantially.

Carbon Footprint

What is a carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases you generate in your daily operations. Everything that uses electricity, either to do, or to make before you take it home contributes to greenhouse gases and as such, your carbon footprint. A single geyser can produce upto 4 tons of carbon emissions a year, so by making use of solar power you will already have made a considerable contribution to the wellbeing of the planet.


Who is SESSA?

The Sustainable Energy Society of South Africa. They have made the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency a priority and are dedicated to the encouraging the use of all Solar based energies, not least of which is the solar water heater.
Sessa was founded in 1974 and endorses the use of renewable energy and is open to indusrtry and general public, and forms part of the International Solar Energy Society.

Solartherm the manufacturers of our geysers are endorsed by SESSA, an acknowledgement we wear proudly.



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